Announcing The Alaska Airlines Ticket Winner!

We’re excited to announce Susanne Domhan as the winner of the Alaska Airlines Audience Award ballot drawing. Susanne won a pair of tickets to anywhere Alaska flies! When we got to congratulate Susanne on the good news and asked where the journey might take her, Susanne said, “This came as a total surprise to us and we’ve only begun to ponder the possibilities. The sky is the limit!.”

As no stranger to the Portland International Film Festival, Susanne shared some thoughts on her love for the Festival:

PIFF (and my Silver Screen Membership) is the winning ticket for my annual trip around the world, which leads me through foreign countries and cultures, breathtaking landscapes, fascinating people and their stories full of hopes, fears, dreams, love and death.  PIFF is a three week event that makes me laugh and cry, think and think again, connects me to fellow PIFF fans and sure makes far away so close! Cancelling this trip is never an option!

Thanks again to all the loyal film lovers out there who continue to join us for PIFF and our other year-round programming. Don’t forget to fill out those ballots!

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