Lonesome’s Pizza Delivers Project Viewfinder to a New Audience

hazel w: Viewfinder logo

As Project Viewfinder closes in on its December 31st fundraising deadline, we at the Film Center are tirelessly looking for new avenues for getting the message out to the community.  For those who still haven’t heard, Project Viewfinder is a program that engages the School of Film in helping to directly address the problem of youth and homelessness in Portland.  We’ll be working with a series of social service providers to mentor 12 youth in transition from homelessness to self-sufficiency.  It’s our aim to offer those individuals training in media production in order to facilitate their ability to tell their own stories via the medium of film.

We’re happy to announce that our latest partner in getting Project Viewfinder in front of as many eyes as possible is none other than Lonesome’s Pizza.  The good folks at Lonesome’s have agreed to place one of our attractive Project Viewfinder fliers in each and every one of their pizza boxes during the month of December.  We’re hoping that, with the help of Lonesome’s Pizza, we’ll be able to expose an entirely new audience to the mission of Project Viewfinder and the NW Film Center.  And, of course, you can lend a hand as well, both by making a charitable donation to Project Viewfinder here and by telling your friends and family about this worthy cause.

Project Viewfinder was inspired by the uplifting story of Hazel Malone, a former School of Film student who, mentored by our faculty, turned her life around from one of homelessness to one of hope, joy, and creativity.

Take a look at this short video piece highlighting Hazel’s journey:

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