Family Friendly at the 36th Portland International Film Festival

Letter to Momo (Japan)

Film lovers from nine to 90 will be charmed by these award-winning films suitable for younger viewers (depending on subject matter and subtitle reading ability).

THE PAINTING, dir. Jean-François Laguionie


Famed French animator Jean-François Laguionie takes us inside the magical world of a painting, where the figures divide themselves into three castes: the Alldunns (fully drawn and colored), the Halfies (only partially completed), and the Sketchies (rough and ragged outlines). The Alldunns rule over all— until one of their own falls for a Halfie. The lovelorn young Alldunn sets out on a mission to find his creator, to find out if he has plans to complete the painting and turn his beloved into a match that the rest of the Alldunns can accept. Rendered in the brilliant hues of an artist’s palette, the film explores themes of tolerance, repression, and acceptance of oneself and others, offering a teachable example for parents with compelling visuals sure to inspire budding young artists. 76 Minutes.

Screening times/locations

2/9      8:45pm         Cinemagic

2/17    5:30pm         Whitsell Auditorium

BARFI!, dir. Anurag Basu


Rising Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor gives a winning performance as a deaf-mute man whose life is a series of tragic and comedic misadventures. The nearly wordless Barfi! follows the resourceful title character as he falls in and out of love with the beautiful Shruti (who has been pressured into a respectable arranged marriage by her parents) and the beautiful, autistic Jhilmil. While navigating through a messy love triangle, Barfi finds himself caught up in a bank robbery, two botched kidnappings, and all manner of slapstick mayhem. 151 Minutes.

Screening times/locations

2/9     2:00pm     Regal Lloyd Center 4

2/10   6:45pm     Regal Lloyd Center 10

2/12   7:00pm     Regal Fox Tower 6

Other family-friendly films showing at PIFF36 include:

OLD DOG, dir. Pema Tseden (China/Tibet)

Drama following a poor family living in Tibet whose fortunes may rest on their beloved dog.
Screening times/locations

2/16   2:30pm     Cinema 21

2/19   9:00pm     Regal Fox Tower 6

ENGLISH VINGLISH, dir. Gauri Shinde (India)

Indian screen legend Sridevi triumphs in a gentle, but affecting, story of a woman’s awakening self-respect. 133 Minutes.

Screening times/locations

2/14   8:30pm     Regal Lloyd Center 4

2/17   7:00pm     Regal Lloyd Center 4

2/18   2:15pm     Regal Lloyd Center 4

A LETTER TO MOMO, dir. Hiroyuki Okiura (Japan)

Animated film following a young girl mourning the death of her father as she is visited by three mischievous spirits only she can see. 120 Minutes.

Screening times/locations

2/10   12:00pm     World Trade Center Theater

2/12   6:00pm        Regal Lloyd Center 4

THE LAST SHEPHERD, dir. Marco Bonfanti (Italy)

The last traveling shepherd in the beautiful mountain farmlands just outside Milan has a dream: to lead his flock into the heart of Milan, showing the children there that dreams and freedom can still exist in a changing world.

Screening times/locations

2/13   8:30pm       Cinemagic

2/16   8:15pm       Cinemagic

2/17   12:30pm    Cinemagic

KAUWBOY, dir. Boudewjin Koole (Netherlands)

The story of a 10-year-old boy who adopts a crow in an effort to escape a troubled home life.

Screening times/locations

2/9      1:00pm     Cinemagic

2/16   1:00pm      Cinemagic

LA PIROGUE, dir. Moussa Touré (Senegal)

Follows the story of a group of Senegalese men who set out on a dangerous trip to sea in an open-top, wooden boat, in the hopes of landing safely in Spain and beginning a new and better life.

Screening times/locations

2/16   6:00pm     Cinemagic

2/18   7:00pm     Regal Lloyd Center 10

3 MILLION, dir. Jaime Roos, Yamandu Roos (Uruguay)

Documentary about the Uruguayan soccer team’s trip to the World Cup Finals in 2010.

Screening times/locations

2/10   2:00pm     Cinemagic

2/16   9:00pm     World Trade Center Theater

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