PIFF 36 Schedule Updates


This is the place for the latest updates to the 36th Portland International Film Festival exhibition schedule. The PIFF microsite may not reflect the latest updates, so please bookmark this page and check back often. Later in the Festival, the ENCORE SCREENINGS will be listed here.

If you have questions between the times of 12-6 p.m., please call our Advanced Ticket Outlet at 503-276-4310.

Schedule Updates

Theater Changes:

◦     2/18         4:30PM        Lloyd Center 4        FLICKER                        New Theater: Lloyd Center 10
◦     2/18         5:15PM         Lloyd Center 10     HANNAH ARENDT      New Theater: Lloyd Center 4

Time Changes:

◦     2/18        4:30PM         Lloyd Center 10     FLICKER                        New Time: 5:15PM
◦     2/18        5:15PM         Lloyd Center 4       HANNAH ARENDT      New Time: 4:30PM
◦     2/18        7:00PM         Lloyd Center 10     LA PIROGUE                New Time: 7:45PM
◦     2/18        7:45PM         Lloyd Center 4       KEEP SMILING            New Time: 7:00PM

◦     2/18       2:15PM          Lloyd Center 4       ENGLISH VINGLISH   New Time: 1:30PM


to come


to come


  1. Please add screenings for Chinese Takeout. Thank you.

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