AYT #51: PIFF Effects


It’s a packed show this week on AYT. Joe and Erik start out with a review of another Steven Soderbergh film (his last release, apparently), the thriller Side Effects which opens this friday in theaters everywhere. Then it’s on to some PIFF 36 recommendations, as the festival kicked off yesterday and runs until February 23. Next, a chat about the latest series at Cinema 21, Notes From the Underground. And that’s not all, as we have another Laptop Cinema recommendation for you.

New episodes of Adjust Your Tracking are released every Thursday, so make sure to come back and check out what Joe and Erik are discussing every week. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section, or feel free to email adjustyourtracking@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter at twitter.com/adjustyourtrack. We’re on iTunes now, so make sure to subscribe to the show by clicking the link below. Also, leaving reviews and rating the show on iTunes is really helpful in getting more attention and attracting more listeners, so please do so if you like what we do. You can also stream the episode on the embedded player below.

WARNING: Explicit language is used in this podcast.

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