Two Nights of Northwest Tracking: The International Sign for Choking & The Men of Dodge City

(PORTLAND, OR) The Northwest Film Center’s continuing commitment to highlighting cinematic works produced in the Northwest region is housed within its Northwest Tracking series.  On March 13-14, the Film Center hosts a back-to-back, two-night presentation of THE INTERNATIONAL SIGN FOR CHOKING and THE MEN OF DODGE CITY.

Adding to the allure of this pairing, a collaborative string runs through the films, as the director of each feature worked on the other’s movie; THE MEN OF DODGE CITY’s director Nandan Rao shot Zach Weintraub’s THE INTERNATIONAL SIGN FOR CHOKING, and Weintraub appears as an actor in Rao’s film.  The Film Center is pleased to present this complimentary set as part of Northwest Tracking.



Olympia director Zach Weintraub’s (BUMMER SUMMER) second feature “follows Josh, a young American documentarian played by Weintraub, to Buenos Aires on assignment. Though Josh is there on business, he’s focused on pleasure: namely, an attempt to rekindle a relationship with an ex while simultaneously courting Anna (Sophia Takal), a pretty little American who is literally the girl next door in shared housing. Nandan Rao’s cinematography shines, filling the screen with bold off-center framings and vivid colors…Weintraub captures and embodies a certain hipster blend of self-importance in the face of alienation that seems to be the calling card of modern urban twentysomethings.”—Seattle Met (80 mins.)

Screening time:

March 13 – Wednesday 7p.m.






A native and current resident of Corvallis, Nandan Rao learned filmmaking at the prestigious New York University before working on numerous award-winning films as a cinematographer such as the notable 2010 drama BUMMER SUMMER.

In THE MEN OF DODGE CITY, his second feature, twentysomething  J. and two of his close friends are in the process of realizing their utopian dream: turning an abandoned run-down cathedral into a grant-powered, environmentally sustainable art space. “Although the cast and crew hail from the Northwest, the filming of DODGE CITY took place in Detroit. The centerpiece of the film’s location (and its visual eye candy) is the character filled church building where the trio spends much of its time. Director Nandan Rao, also the cinematographer, expertly captures each scene so that the physical space in all its beauty and decrepitude is an active player in the film.”—Local Sightings Film Festival (94 mins.) 

Screening time:

March 14 – Thursday 7p.m.



The Northwest Film Center is a regional media arts resource offering a variety of exhibition and education programs to the residents of the Northwest.  The Center’s Whitsell Auditorium screens a program of foreign, classic, experimental, and independent works year-round.  For more information, visit

Northwest Film Center’s Whitsell Auditorium Portland Art Museum-1219 SW Park Avenue

Admission: $9 General; $8 Students, Seniors; $6 Child


Advanced Tickets for THE MEN OF DODGE CITY:


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