Trailer of the Day: RECONVERSÃO


The Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura, winner of the prestigious Pritzker Prize in 2011 and one of Portugal’s most famous contemporary artists, is the subject of Andersen’s latest documentary work—a film which puts forth a dialectic of time and space through both subject and investigative means, combining the techniques of Eadweard Muybridge with hyperreal digital imagery. A commission for the Curtas Vila do Conde Film Festival in northern Portugal, RECONVERSÃO finds Andersen working digitally for the first time in his career, in collaboration with cinematographer and filmmaker Peter Bo Rappmund (PSYCHOHYDROGRAPHY, TECTONICS), a former protégé from CalArts where Andersen teaches. RECOVERSÃO also features voiceover narration of Souto de Moura’s writings by frequent collaborator Encke King (LOS ANGELES PLAYS ITSELF). “Andersen’s formal confluence with his subject has the perhaps unintended effect of pointing up the one place where this movie, like all others, must split with architecture: it can never become a ruin, can never become just another piece of the natural world. But if cinema remains outside this cycle, it nonetheless offers the possibility for the purest realization of Souto de Moura’s supposition that framing might redeem even the most abject aspects of reality; in the movies, as in built spaces, as in life, it’s the awareness of looking—from where, at what—that defines a moment’s richness.”—Phil Coldiron, Moving Image Source (70 mins.)

Co-presented with Yale Union as the final screening in YU’s survey of the films of Thom Andersen and Morgan Fisher, which runs March 30 to April 15. Thanks to Robert Snowden and Lucas Quigley, co-curators of the series.

RECONVERSÃO screens on Monday, April 15 at 7p.m. in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).

Advanced tickets are available for purchase here.

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