AYT #65: Spectacle Fatigue Syndrome


This week, Joe and Erik dig deep and try to figure out why some huge spectacle films work and some don’t. They disagree on Star Trek Into Darkness and also include Fast & Furious 6 in a chat about Spectacle Fatigue Syndrome. But they can’t help but gush over Noah Baumbach‘s latest film, Frances Ha (look for a special, interview edition with Baumbach later this week) which opens in Portland at Cinema 21 for a weeklong run. Also, don’t forget about the one-night only premiere screening for City Baby also at Cinema 21.

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WARNING: Explicit language is used in this podcast.

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Producer  -- Drew Wallner
Co-Host, Segment Editor -- Joe von Appen
Co-Host, Audio Editor -- Erik McClanahan
Presented by -- The Northwest Film Center


  1. […] host Erik McClanahan interviews filmmaker Noah Baumbach, whose latest film Frances Ha, which we reviewed on the show last week, opened last week at Portland’s Cinema 21 and will continue to screen through June […]

  2. […] in time to offset the inevitable spectacle fatigue syndrome, adventurous moviegoers (you’re out there right?) in Portland have the opportunity to experience […]

  3. […] AYT #65: Spectacle Fatigue Syndrome posted 5/22/13 (MP3) […]

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