Trailer of the Day: An Evening with the Whiteman Brothers


Sean and Christof Whiteman are brothers who have been making smart and irreverent short and feature–length comedies for over ten years. Tonight we welcome them for screenings of their work, including THE DISGUSTING LITTLE SHIVER (2007), a comedy about a man with an affliction he can’t seem to shake, and a preview of their forthcoming CHILDHOOD MACHINE (2013), the story of a young inventor intent on creating a device that will produce childhood for him. They’ll also show selections from their Leap Year series: 29 FILMS IN 29 DAYS—in which they completed a film a day in February 2008 and February 2012—as well as several of their short films including SINCERELY, DUNCAN (2006), in which a young man puts forth his feelings in the most romantic of correspondence options, and ALL OPOSSUMS GO TO HELL (2010), in which a recently deceased opossum uses his one phone call. (90 mins.)

Directors Sean and Christof Whiteman will introduce their films.



AN EVENING WITH THE WHITEMAN BROTHERS happens on Thursday, July 11 at 7pm in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).  The film is being presented as part of our ongoing Northwest Tracking series.

Advanced tickets are available for purchase here.


  1. […] filmmakers Sean and Chris Whiteman (aka The Whiteman Brothers). They will be on hand to present An Evening With the Whiteman Brothers, a series of their film work comprising of shorts and segments from their features, which screens […]

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