Top Down 2013 Cocktail series: Introducing François’ Frolic

Francois Frolic

So much of our focus over the past several days has been on the films, music, and setting of our Top Down: Rooftop Cinema series.  Today, we’re going to focus on what REALLY matters: the drinks!  Each night of Top Down brings a new cocktail inspired by the film being shown atop the Hotel deLuxe’s parking structure.  Crafted by the Driftwood Room’s resident mixologist, Mr. Michael Robertson, we’ve got a series of thematically-paired concoctions available for purchase at Gracie’s onsite food and drink kiosk during the festivities.

First up, meet François’ Frolic.  With its combination of chilled sparkling wine, bitters, and St. Germain’s, it’s the perfect sipping companion to showcase the layered flavors of Tati’s JOUR DE FÊTE.  Want a preview of this tasteful Top Down aperitif?
Here’s what to expect:

François’ Frolic

1/2 oz. St. Germain
2 Dashes Rhubarb Bitters
5 oz. well chilled sparkling wine

Combine in a glass.

Join us Thursday night for music, food, JOUR DE FÊTE, and François’ Frolic!
Advanced tickets are available here.  Ticket sales at the door are CASH ONLY.  Doors at 7pm; music at 8pm; film at 9pm.  Come early to guarantee admission.

The entire 2013 Top Down: Rooftop Cinema lineup can be perused here.  Feel free to purchase your tickets in advance, as this series regularly sells out!


  1. […] week, we introduced you to François’ Frolic, the specially crafted cocktail put together by the Driftwood Room’s own Michael Robertson […]

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