Follow Us into Fall: Download our September/October schedule!

As summer inevitably begins to close down, we’re pleased to offer a ray of sunshine to warm you through those fall nights.  Prepare yourself to survey what we’ve cooked up for September/October at the NW Film Center via our brand new fall schedule!

Check out the lineup for our annual Reel Music fest, returning in October for its 31st year!  Nestled within that Festival, we’re besides ourselves with joy to be able to present The Hitchcock 9, lovingly restored by the British Film Institute and paired with live musical accompaniment.  These nine, early silent features from the Master of Suspense, shockingly all produced during the brief period of 1925-1929, are guaranteed to thrill and amaze, especially if you’re only familiar with Hitch’s later, more popular Hollywood work.

We’re also welcoming back the Voices in Action: Human Rights on Film series, which “tackles wide-ranging, thought-provoking (social) issues.”  And, in conjunction with the Portland Art Museum’s upcoming Samurai! armor exhibition, we’ve put together an exciting overview of Samurai Cinema, beginning in October and running through December, including several films influenced by this classic Japanese storytelling form.  Peppered in between all of the themed content, you’ll find scads of Special Screenings and a few selections from our ongoing Northwest Tracking series, highlighting engaging work from both emerging and establish regional makers.

Just click on the image below to download a .pdf version of our September/October schedule.  And, while you’re at it, why not consider joining and supporting us by becoming a Silver Screen club member?  Click here to sign up to enjoy reduced or free admission to films all year round, including PIFF, Top Down, Japanese Currents, and our many other festival offerings!


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