Trailer of the Day: L’AVVENTURA


Michelangelo Antonioni’s groundbreaking 1960 meditation on meaning in modern existence remains an obligatory experience in existential cinema-going. On a yachting trip off Sicily, a woman (Lea Massari) mysteriously disappears during an excursion on a desolate island. Her lover (Gabriele Ferzetti) and her friend (Monica Vitti) begin a search, but during the fruitless quest, each slowly becomes enamored of the other and their guilt is soon replaced by passion. L’AVVENTURA is at once a mesmerizing mystery, a thought-provoking study of human behavior—the impermanence of romance, bourgeois boredom, and the ease with which we betray one another—an experiment in the expressive use of landscape and architecture, and an allegory on the troubled state of postwar Italy. Winner of the Special Jury Prize at Cannes. (143 mins.)

New 35mm print.


L’AVVENTURA screens on Friday, September 13 through Sunday, September 15 in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).  All shows are at 7pm.

Advanced tickets are available for purchase here.

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