Trailer of the Day: RAN


One of the late masterpieces of Akira Kurosawa’s career, RAN was inspired by Shakespeare’s King Lear and the Japanese legend of daimyo (lord) Mori Motonari. Tatsuya Nakadai plays Hidetora Ichimonji, an aging warrior-lord who decides to abdicate in favor of his three sons, Taro, Jiro, and Saburo. His youngest son Saburo declares that Hidetora is foolish to believe that the three brothers will remain loyal to Hidetora’s wishes once they are in power and finds himself banished for his candor. His words, however, soon prove only too true, as Taro and Jiro conspire to strip their father of his title, his riches, and his army. Featuring Academy Award-winning costumes by Emi Wada and an evocative score by Toru Takemitsu, Kurosawa’s epic tale of greed and revenge remains one of the most highly regarded films in cinema. (162 mins.)


Maribeth Graybill, the Portland Art Museum’s Arlene and Harold Schnitzer Curator of Asian Art, will introduce the film on Sunday, October 13.


RAN screens Sunday, October 6 at 4:30pm and Sunday, October 13 at 2pm in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).  The film is being presented as part of our Samurai Cinema series.

Advanced tickets are available for purchase here.


  1. Excellent post, Ran is a film of such amazing quality and indelible images.

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