From ALIEN to PARIS, TEXAS, REPO MAN to WILD AT HEART, Harry Dean Stanton’s filmography (250 films) includes some of the best and most important films of the last five decades. His gaunt figure carrying a rare combination of poignancy and hidden depths, he remains one of the most charismatic of actors. But what lies beneath this figure? Sophie Huber’s absorbing documentary turns the camera onto Stanton, but what follows is far removed from any conventional star biography. Stanton, always enigmatic, offers some secrets, and directors Wim Wenders and David Lynch, musician and actor Kris Kristofferson, and writer Sam Shepard help to paint a bigger picture. But the strength of this portrait is the presence of Stanton himself. Occasionally wry, sometimes wounded, and always charismatic, he presents a guarded front until he starts singing heartbreaking and tender folk songs. “It’s a near-perfect portrait of an actor who never became a household name and yet has earned the admiration of generations of filmmakers.”—Film Threat. (77 mins.)

HARRY DEAN STANTON: PARTLY FICTION screens Thursday, December 26 at 7pm, Friday, December 27 at 7pm, and Saturday, December 28 at 5pm in our Whitsell Auditorium (located in the Portland Art Museum).

Advanced tickets are available for purchase here.

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