AYT #85: What’s The Rush?

True-detective-1x02-7This week, Joe and Erik get back on schedule and chat about HBO‘s latest great series True Detective. Then it’s back to Wes Anderson land as the hosts look at his new film Grand Budapest Hotel.

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WARNING: Explicit language is used in this podcast.

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Producer -- Drew Wallner
Original AYT Music -- Marius Libman
Co-Host, Segment Editor -- Joe von Appen
Co-Host, Audio Editor -- Erik McClanahan
Presented by -- The Northwest Film Center


  1. I loved almost everything about True Detective up to the end. The characterization and performances were great. The cinematography and direction were the best I’ve ever seen on TV. But the plot just collapsed on itself. It was as if they ran out of time and needed another episode to even address the story they set up.

    I’m trying to avoid spoilers here. I understand the characters and their relationships were the focal point, which I loved. But the writer did craft a fairly intricate mystery, with a lot of threads that demanded attention from the viewer to follow the story of the investigation. It was really pretty cool because the show basically expected you to focus on all of the pieces of evidence and minor police interviews just like the detectives. But then they went down this cliche’ route with the one serial killer and acted like everything was okay and the mystery was solved afterward. In fact, the investigation storyline (which took up close to half of the screen time) was about a much bigger mystery that our protagonists were obsessing over and then it was just blown off at the end. I’m fine with vagueness, but this seemed like laziness or incompetence brought on by a budget/time crunch.

    I know that sounds like a vague passive aggressive rant. Just trying not to spoil. I give the presentation and characterization an practically perfect score. But the plot really faltered at the end.

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