Feast on Fall Offerings: Download Our September/October 2014 Schedule

The print edition of our September/October 2014 is hitting the streets right now and is on its way to mailboxes all around town.  We’re really excited about our upcoming lineup, which includes:

classes & workshops at our School of Film
–the 32nd annual Reel Music Film Festival
–a Portland stop-off for the touring Martin Scorsese Presents Masterpieces of Polish Cinema series
–the local and regional selections that populate our Northwest Tracking series
–a curated collection of new restorations and prints that we’re calling (Re)Discoveries
–the 2014 edition of Voices in Action: Human Rights on Film
–and much more

If you’d like a handy & portable digital version of the schedule to comb over, you’ve come to the right place.  Just click on the image below to view, download or embed our September/October schedule:


  1. I hate to ask this but, could you also give it to us as a plain old PDF file? That way we won’t have to go online whenever we want to look at the calendar.

    Rick York

  2. Nick Bruno says:

    Hello Rick,
    You can download it as a PDF currently. Here’s how:
    1) Click to read
    2) At the top of the screen that pops up, there will be a row of icons. Choose the one directly to the left of the “x”.
    3) Choose to download and you’ll have a copy of the pdf to peruse whether you’re online or not.


  3. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand you have to log in to Issuu to DL a PDF–not handy at all/


  1. […] The latest example of a local organization getting with the Issuu program is NW Film Center, who have just published their September/October schedule in the new format. […]

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