AYT #94: A Film Prophet?

Starred Up Movie Banner

This week, Joe and Erik get back to the heavily segmented shows of AYT past, filling up this episode with a wide range of topics. There’s an opening look back at the Summer that was this year, then we segue into an addendum to our last episode where we discuss the recent news of Quentin Tarantino taking over as programmer at his New Beverly Cinema in LA. After that, it’s on to a good ol’ fashioned review of a new, must-see film called Starred Up. Lastly, we dust off our old Laptop Cinema segment to discuss the rapid and exciting/exhausting evolution of streaming media online, with a few recommendations as well.

We try to release new episodes of Adjust Your Tracking twice a month, so make sure to come back and check out what Joe and Erik are discussing next. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section, or feel free to email adjustyourtracking@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @adjustyourtrack. We’re on iTunes and Stitcher, so make sure to subscribe to the show by clicking the appropriate link below. Also, leaving reviews and rating the show on iTunes is really helpful in getting more attention and attracting more listeners, so please do so if you like what we do. You can stream the episode on the embedded player below.

WARNING: Explicit language is used in this podcast.

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Producer -- Drew Wallner
Co-Host, Segment Editor -- Joe von Appen
Co-Host, Audio Editor -- Erik McClanahan
Presented by -- The Northwest Film Center

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