The 39th Portland International Film Festival: EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT

Embrace of the Serpent copy

Crosscutting stories set decades apart, Guerra weaves two parallel journeys between a lone Amazonian shaman and western scientists in search of ancestral knowledge deep into the Amazon. Karamakate is the last survivor of his tribe and, despite incursions by missionaries and plunderers, becomes a guide for two scientists in search of the rare and sacred yakruna plant, first in 1909 then 1940. With stunning black and white cinematography capturing spectacular rainforest landscapes, Embrace of the Serpent serves both as a hallucinatory adventure film and a damning indictment of colonial destruction of indigenous cultures. Best Film, Mar del Plata Film Festival. (125 mins.)

The 39th Portland International Film Festival is sponsored by the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation, Delta Airlines, LAIKA, Willamette Week, Regal Entertainment Group, Travel Portland, Umpqua Bank, The Autzen Foundation, Amtrak Cascades, The Lamb-Baldwin Foundation, Hotel deLuxe, Hotel Eastund, Voodoo Doughnut, TV5Monde, and many others.

EMBRACE OF THE SERPENT screens Friday, February 12 at 5:45pm at Cinema 21 and on Sunday, February 14 at 7pm at the Moreland Theater. The film is being presented as part of our 39th Portland International Film Festival.

Tickets available online and at the door.

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