PIFF After Dark: WHAT WE BECOME with short film INVADERS

What We Become 1 copy

Idyllic suburban life is shattered when news spreads of a viral infection at a neighboring rest home. Soon enough, the military rolls in, placing the entire town under quarantine. As the virus spreads, the strictures of quiet family life begin to break down under the pressures of impending danger. Mikkelsen’s debut is a tense and clever take on the zombie genre and far more compelling than any season of The Walking Dead. “It’s the kind of noirish horror that is rapidly becoming extinct.” —Peter Martin, Twitch Film. (85 mins.)

Sponsored by the Scandinavian Heritage Foundation.

Jason Kupfer | US.
A home invasion attempt goes horribly and hilariously awry. (7 mins.)

The 39th Portland International Film Festival is sponsored by the James F. & Marion L. Miller Foundation, Delta Airlines, LAIKA, Willamette Week, Regal Entertainment Group, Travel Portland, Umpqua Bank, The Autzen Foundation, Amtrak Cascades, The Lamb-Baldwin Foundation, Hotel deLuxe, Hotel Eastund, Voodoo Doughnut, TV5Monde, and many others.

WHAT WE BECOME screens Sunday, February 21 at 10pm at Cinema 21. The film is being presented as part of PIFF After Dark at the 39th Portland International Film Festival.

Tickets available online and at the door.

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