AYT #128: Green Room // Hardcore Henry

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On this episode, we talk about director Jeremy Saulnier‘s latest film, “Green Room,” an intensely entertaining and violent horror action film — his followup to “Blue Ruin” — about a punk band stuck in a life or death fight against a group of neo-nazis after a show goes wrong. We’re big fans of this filmmaker so tune into find out why. Beyond praising that film, though, we also look at it in conjunction with another recent genre release, “Hardcore Henry,” an over-the-top actioner shot to look like a first-person POV video game. The films represent polar opposite extremes on the spectrum of modern exploitation cinema and that’s where the conversation is focused for most this episode. Both have their merits, but we argue one is far better (and better for you) than the other, even though they both put the audience through the wringer. I also make time for the next HOLD UP segment, where we look back at a film one of us likes but we’re not sure how it holds up: “Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves.” We’ll discuss that film on the next episode of AYT.

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WARNING: Explicit language is used in this podcast.


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