About the NW Film Center Newsroom

The Film Center is all about encouraging the study, appreciation and utilization of the moving-image arts. That translates into screenings, festivals, outreach projects, classes, workshops, meet-ups and everything in between!

That means there’s a lot going on and this is a place to share some highlights with you, to celebrate NW makers, to get you the inside scoop on festival happenings, and let you know the latest and greatest from our students and faculty.

The full listings of screenings and classes can be found at nwfilm.org (or use the NW FIlm Center and School of Film links at the top left of this page to navigate there).

From one cinephile to another, enjoy!

Newsroom Staff:

Nick Bruno – PR & Marketing Assistant
Nick Bruno swoons for film, brakes for film, and lives, breathes, and eats film. In addition to writing for the Newsroom and supporting the Film Center’s mission via his involvement in their marketing team, Nick works as often as he can on films, including a currently in production feature-length documentary about a group of regional forest workers. He also writes about film at the local film blog The Rain Falls Down on Portlandtown.

Erik McClanahan – Theater Manager/Podcast Host
Erik McClanahan is proud to be a projectionist and theater manager for the Northwest Film Center. He’s also a film critic. Beyond his work as podcaster for Adjust Your Tracking and writer/editor for the Northwest Film Center Newsroom, he writes reviews and features for The Playlist (on Indiewire), Star Tribune, Vita.mn, and writes a column for Toledo City Paper called Arthouse Online. Cinema is his passion, and he seeks out everything he can whether it be an obscure foreign title, micro-budgeted indie or the latest Hollywood blockbuster. He takes them all in — except musicals, that is. He hates musicals.

Joe Von Appen – Theater Staff/Podcast Host
Writer/Actor and long time Northwest Film Center employee Joe von Appen has been a film fanatic since his early bouts with Elementary School insomnia where he would wake up and sneak downstairs to soak up 1980’s cable in his childhood home in California.  After his eyes were widened by b movies and late night fair he graduated to loving all genres of film. Currently calling Portland, Oregon home Joe can’t wait to argue with you about movies.