Jean Gentile

A lyrically rendered portrayal of one man’s lonely search for place,  Jean Gentile embraces the slow descent into hopelessness that greets a Haitian immigrant when he travels to neighboring Dominican Republic in search of something better. Combining the shaky handheld feel of real life with the pristine clarity of film, Laura Amelia Guzman (Cochochi) evokes the somber realism that an educated, multilingual accountant from Haiti must endure when he is reduced to a penniless and shadowy existence in a world that thinks it does not need him.


Jean Gentile won the jury award at Thessaloniki, and received a special mention at Horizons (or Orizzonti, the culturally exploratory program at the Venice Film Festival). See it at this year’s PIFF 35 on Sunday February 19 at 5 PM (Cinemagic) and Wednesday February 22 at 6:15 PM (Cinemagic).