Adjust Your Tracking #7: That Was Cold Blooded…

Adjust Your Tracking is the podcast produced through the facilities of the Northwest Film Center Newsroom. The show is hosted by Joe von Appen and Erik McClanahan, and produced by Jessica Lyness and Laurel Degutis. Opinions expressed are that of the hosts, and not necessarily of the Northwest Film Center. In episode 7, Joe and Erik basically wing it and chat about March as a movie month. They find time to review three comedies in theaters this month – “Wanderlust,” “Friends With Kids” and “Jeff, Who Lives At Home” and realize how incestual and overlapping these movies are, and the completely arbitrary nature of their success or failure. We also give recommendations with Laptop Cinema and revisit Love It/Hate It.

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AYT #7

PIFF Recommendation: “Elena”

A review by Adjust Your Tracking co-host Erik McClanahan, previously published at The Playlist on Indiewire.

There are fewer things in cinema more satisfying than a filmmaker in total control of their story. Sure, we love the visceral thrill of a well-choreographed, impeccably staged action sequence as much as the next red-blooded human being. And there’s the perfect combination of song/score over moving images, blissful moments heightened through all the tools available in the medium. But those rare moments when a film has just begun, and the feeling sets in immediately that you’re in good hands; that no matter what happens in this film, you can trust the filmmaker has thought everything through and knows what he or she is doing.  It’s a good feeling. Comforting even. But it’s rare.

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